About Us

I was overjoyed when my first daughter was born... possibilities were infinite!   She was part of my husband and me, but she was so much more than us.  She was her own person who would grow to love certain activities and sports, connect with different people, view the world through her own eyes and not like everything we liked!

I was curious and excited to get to know her over our lifetime together.  And, it didn’t matter who she was or who she would become, I knew I would always love her.  I also knew -

My purpose in her life was to encourage and inspire her so she could shine!

I started Story is Yours when my daughter was two months old (my little partner!) and I brought this same philosophy to my business.  I believe that each life is a book and we have the power to create our own story!

My vision for Story is Yours: To inspire a world where uniqueness is celebrated so every person can be the star of their life story!  (Continued below)


Star of Your Life Story

Childhood is a time for learning and growing!  Research shows these are important years for development.  When we want the best for the children in our lives, it can be confusing to know exactly what this means.

The sad part is that many marketers are capitalizing on the desire to do our best by selling “educational” toys, games and apps that in many cases are detrimental to the health of children.  Worse, they are using billions of dollars to market “educational”, commercialized and even sexualized toys to us and directly to our children.

Children are often left with products that tell them how to play and what to think.  Toys that make sounds so the child becomes silent...  Toys with pre-determined storylines that discourage imaginations...  Screens that hypnotize children and leave them disconnected from the world...   

Having the freedom to play creatively, children are able to build the skills they need to succeed in life.

One of my daughter’s favourite toys when she was a pre-schooler was a used box that my husband cut and taped to become a house.  She loved it!  She also loves collecting rocks, playing with sticks and jumping in puddles!  Children’s play doesn’t have to be complicated to be educational - when playing freely, they are learning.

The picture below represents Story is Yours' values through the eyes of a child. 

I Want My Childhood To Be - Story is Yours Values

Children are great at playing with what they have or with nothing at all when given the chance.  Children’s play doesn’t have to be expensive – here are some ideas to save money and help the environment:

  • Use nature as a playground
  • Singing and dancing to songs
  • Toy swaps with other parents
  •  Second hand stores
  • Rotating toys

When a child is bored, it’s not a reason to buy more toys and books.  It’s an opportunity for them to find ways to be creative.

However, there are special occasions when you may need to buy a gift.  Maybe it’s your child, grandchild, niece or nephew’s birthday.  A new baby in the family, an upcoming holiday or special milestone may also be reasons for gifts. 

Here are some of the criteria used when looking for gifts offered at Story is Yours:    

  • Fun – kids have to love them!
  • Inspire Imaginations
  • Can be used in many ways
  • Spans age-ranges – grows with the child
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Socially responsible companies
  • Developed or manufactured in Canada
  • Meet and exceed safety standards
  • Award winning

We are also building a program that will donate quality toys, games, puzzles, books etc. to children in need.

We are so much more than a children’s toy store!

When you are looking for a meaningful gift, I hope you consider shopping at Story is Yours.  This is only the beginning as we continually grow the gifts offered at Story is Yours!  See what we have to offer here.

Story is Yours' mission is to Help you find fun and meaningful children’s gifts that encourage imaginations while giving the same opportunity to families in need.

Helping you through the overwhelm of finding meaningful children's gifts

Jessica Lahrs is the woman behind Story is Yours which was created in 2011. She is thankful for her two daughters for being an inspiration every day!