Give the Girl a Hammer! Give the Boy a Doll!

July 12, 2013 – Written by Jodi Quibell

If you had an easy bake oven as a child, chances are you are female. Did you have a set of building blocks, a fishing rod or a tool bench, as well? If you were born more than 10 years ago, the answer is most likely no. Girls and boys have traditionally been given toys that dictate what they should like and who they should be.

Providing an opportunity for each gender to play with and discover the wonders that other toys can offer is essential. Some amazing male chefs have no doubt developed from hours spent playing with an easy-bake oven as a child, while some of the most talented female architects likely began by creating structures with building blocks.

Designing products that appeal to children is critical as well. The goal is to capture and retain a child’s attention as well as garner the attention of the purchaser, namely anyone seeking a gift for a child. Unfortunately, offering a product that provides non-traditional play opportunities for children is not always something toy manufacturers strive to achieve

Until Goldie Blox! An exciting new product developed by Debbie Sterling, an engineer from Stanford University, combines an exciting story book with the opportunity to learn about engineering, science and math - traditionally areas which girls have missed an opportunity to explore.

The perfect gift for those wanting something more for the young girls in their lives!  

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Jodi Quibell is a writer, editor, educator, parent, business owner and wife. In her spare time (ha ha!) she enjoys baking, reading and exploring nature.  Her website is