Does a Child Need More than a Cardboard Box?

September 3, 2012 - Written by Jessica Lahrs

As the joke goes, you can give a baby a gift and they will have more fun with the box and the wrapping paper then the actual toy!  As children, do you remember making forts out of appliance boxes and couch cushions or swords out of wrapping paper tubes?  Kids can have so much fun without all the bells and whistles of expensive toys and games!

I was explaining a new game that I considered carrying in stock to a friend.  She loved the idea but went on to say that she could just as easily make the game herself.  I took her thoughts into consideration but decided to get the game anyway.  Not long after, my friend came back to say that although she could make the game, she probably wouldn’t and at $14.95, it was worth buying!  Of course, if you had the time and creativity, the game is easy to replicate.

Is it odd for someone who owns a book and toy store to talk about how kids don’t really need any toys or that a game can be made at home using very little supplies?  Maybe a little!  But, there will be those times when you need a special gift, pretty in its packaging.  That’s where you can shop at Story is Yours and support The People Behind the Business!  And, for those times where all you want is something inexpensive for your kids to do, we offer that too! 

It is my goal to find a free version of all the products on the Story is Yours website and write about them in this blog.  While I already have ideas for some items, I think others will prove to be much more difficult!  If you have a suggestion, I would love your help!  Simply send an email to with details of the product in our store and how you made it yourself – don’t forget pictures!

Let the creativity begin!

This is the second in a three part series about what you can expect to find in this blog.

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