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Personalized edition of Peter Pan. Now you can live the fantasy of flying to magical Neverland!

This beloved 1911 novel (also called Peter and Wendy) begins in a chaotic London home, where a girl and two boys live with their parents and an unusual canine nurse. One unforgettable night, Wendy (the smartest and oldest child) meets Peter Pan, a mischievous boy who can fly—and who wants her to follow him to Neverland to take care of his troop of Lost Boys.

After Peter teaches Wendy and her brothers how to fly, they launch themselves into the night sky to meet Peter's ragtag crew, accompanied by the tiny fairy Tinker Bell. Adventures soon follow, from saving Princess Tiger Lily to battling with fierce pirates… including the infamous Captain Hook, the leader of the Jolly Roger's motley crew. Hook plans to capture Wendy and destroy Peter Pan once and for all!

With personalized roles for the whole family to play--even adults and a pet can join in--Peter Pan will delight and captivate readers of all ages with its action, humor and poignant tale of childhood. (See below for some helpful editorial notes about the text.)

Peter Pan- Peter is a stubborn, mischievous boy who lives for fun and adventure. Refusing to grow up, he flies, fights pirates, and communicates with creatures from mermaids to fairies. Peter's brave and loyal, but his callous behavior sometimes hurts others' feelings.  

Wendy Darling - Wendy is the caring girl who befriends Peter and flies off to be a 'mother' for him and the Lost Boys. She has a small crush on Peter (they share one innocent kiss on the cheek) but her protective compassion extends to everyone in Neverland. Unlike Peter, she looks forward to growing up. 

John Darling - The older of Wendy's two young brothers, John is argumentative, smart, and brave. He's also captivated by pirates and is briefly tempted to become one. .

Michael Darling - The youngest sibling (around 4 years old), Michael clings to his mother at first, but is thrilled to fly off to Neverland. Though sometimes scared by the unusual events, he still shows spirit and courage.

Tinker Bell - A tiny fairy who speaks in bell-like tones, Tink is Peter Pan's loyal friend who's very jealous of other girls who befriend him. She's impish and naughty much of the time, even plotting Wendy's doom; still, her goodness shines through when she risks her life to save Peter.

George Darling - Wendy, John and Michael’s father is a blustery, pompous man who dearly loves his family but can be a bit of a bully when he feels the others aren't respecting him. When the kids go missing, he sleeps in the doghouse (literally!) and learns humility.

Mary Darling - Wendy, John and Michael’s mother is a wise and gentle woman who never loses faith that her children will return home. It’s implied that she knew Peter as a girl herself, or at least dreamed of him.

Nana - A steadfast dog who acts as the Darlings' unconventional nurse, Nana adores the three children and takes care of them as lovingly as if they were a trio of puppies.  

Notes: Peter Pan was written in 1911 and is a product of its time. Certain references in the story to Indians and "redskins" may be considered offensive. Since Book by You strives to preserve as much of the original text of these classic novels as possible, these words remain in the book. You may wish to discuss these passages with your children as they read the novel.

Other than the personalizations, the only edits to the original text are the omissions of references to the deaths of some of the personalized characters in the epilogue. In our version, only Nana the dog passes away of old age. In other respects the novel is true to the original classic book.