Riddles and Codes Personalized Novel - Paperback with Photo

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Personalized Novels
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In Riddles and Codes, our personalized main characters are two friends who love puzzles and mysteries—and their skills are about to be put to an exciting test!

When a school-wide contest is announced, the friends who call themselves The Detectives are thrilled. Each day, the students receive papers marked with cryptic words, and it's up to them to figure out what the clues mean before time runs out. Unfortunately, the puzzles are much tougher than The Detectives expected, and some of their competitors are acting very strangely...

With secret messages to decode, riddles to unravel, and tons of clues to uncover, the friends find themselves on a thrilling adventure, infused with excitement and competition. Along the way, The Detectives face challenges, setbacks, and misleading clues at every turn. Rife with intrigue and mystery, this personalized tale delivers as many smiles as riddles and is sure to become an instant favorite!

Riddles and Codes' puzzles will educate and entertain children of all ages, and its story will keep them on the edges of their seats. This unique personalized novel will be treasured forever!

120 pages
Size: 4 1/4" x 7"