Robin Hood - Paperback

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Classic Book By You® presents your personalized edition of Robin Hood. Now you can enter Sherwood Forest and take on the role of the famous outlaw hero!

This 1903 edition by Paul Creswick tells the story of brave outlaw Robin Hood, who fights for justice in medieval England and defends the poor against greedy evildoers. You and your friends can take on the roles of Robin and his merry men Little John, Friar Tuck, and Will Scarlett, as well as Robin's sweetheart Maid Marian.

All of Robin's famous exploits are here, from boldly stealing from the rich to give to the poor, rescuing hostages, protecting the throne of England from scoundrel Prince John—and clashing with the notorious Sheriff of Nottingham.

This unique personalized classic edition starring you will be treasured forever!

Robin Hood- Robin Hood is a daring adventurer with a kind heart, a passion for justice--and a mischievous streak. Though born into wealth, Robin sides with the underdog and turns into an outlaw to steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Maid Marian - Maid Marian is both beautiful and brave. Though she is a noblewoman, she falls in love with Robin even when he is hunted by the law. To find Robin, she disguises herself as a young man.  

Little John - Robin Hood's close friend, Little John is jokingly named--he is a large, strong man who, like Robin, fights for justice. Though he has a quick temper, he is a loyal and courageous ally.

Will Scarlett / Geoffrey Montfichet - Robin's cousin Geoffrey changes his name to Will Scarlett when he joins Robin's band of outlaws to rebel against the unjust mistreatment of the poor.

Will Stutley - Along with Little John, Will Stutley is Robin Hood's closest companion among the Merry Men. He is highly rambunctious and energetic.

Friar Tuck - Friar Tuck is a clergyman who is stout of both heart and body, and able to fight his enemies with a staff or bow. Though he has a wild reputation (and his first meeting with Robin Hood begins with a brawl after Robin pranks him), he is a kindly, generous man who defends the poor.


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