The Secret Code Personalized Novel - Paperback with Photo

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Personalized Novels
Book by You


Introducing The Secret Code, a Book By You® novel that shows that mysteries and curious events can take place in everyday school life. The fun begins when our two personalized lead characters work industriously to raise enough money so they can go on a thrilling balloon ride at a fair. At first, things go smoothly as they plan everything from selling cookies to an ambitious pet party extravaganza. 

Then disaster strikes: first, an important school project vanishes, which means our lead character may not be allowed to go on the trip.  Next, their hard-earned money disappears too!

Undaunted by this streak of bad luck and inspired by their love of mysteries, they use their own secret code to play detective and pass messages to one another to figure out what's going on.  And then the plot thickens: to their astonishment, someone else has cracked their code!

A supporting cast of funny, quirky school friends both helps and hinders their investigation.  Someone is lying about the missing items, and it's up to our dynamic duo of detectives to figure out who ... and why. With the support of an adult and a pet (both personalized characters), the children are determined to persevere and answer all the unanswered questions: Have the money and report been lost...or were they stolen? Are these disappearances related? Is this all part of a prank on our lead character?  Will our heroes uncover the truth in time?

The Secret Code is filled with little mysteries involving the things that truly matter to kids' lives, such as friends, family, loyalty, trust, pets, rivals, treats, games, special outings...even yucky school lunch!  This is a funny, exciting, and touching book that will also inspire children to read carefully and solve the mystery themselves! 

Size: 4 1/4" x 7"