The Secret Garden - Paperback

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Personalized edition of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden, where you’ll step into one of the world’s most beloved children’s classics.

This 1911 novel begins when our personalized heroine, young Mary Lennox, is sent to live with her uncle in his mysterious English mansion. Spoiled, sour Mary dislikes her new home until a friendly maid tells her of a forbidden, hidden garden. Curiosity leads Mary to find this magic place, and gradually her bad temper changes. She becomes friends with the maid’s good-natured young brother, Dickon, who helps her tend to the overgrown, wild garden.

Then Mary discovers another tightly-held secret—Colin, her sickly cousin, who’s been hidden and treated like an invalid all his life. Mary is determined to help Colin thrive along with the garden. Nature, magic, and the children’s determination all work together to cure old wounds and bring joy to the entire mansion.

The Secret Garden will captivate readers of all ages with its inspiring tale of recovery, renewal, and the healing bonds of friendship. This personalized classic edition starring you will be treasured forever!

Mary Lennox- The main character of the story, Mary begins as a sour-tempered, spoiled little girl. After she is orphaned and moves to live with her uncle, she gradually softens when she makes new friends and takes on the project of tending a hidden garden. Her blossoming coincides with the renewal of the garden and her cousin's own improved health.

Dickon Sowerby - The good-natured young brother of the manor's housemaid, Dickon and Mary fall into an easy friendship; he's kind to animals and loves gardening. He's the first person to whom Mary reveals the secret of the garden.

Colin Craven - Colin is Mary's cousin, a sickly young boy who has been kept hidden from her and treated like an invalid his whole life by his father, who still mourns the loss of his wife (Colin's mother). The boy's spirits and health improve when Mary and Dickon vow to restore his ability to walk and play.

Martha - Martha is the good-natured, compassionate housemaid who first befriends Mary and tells her of the forbidden garden. She is Dickon's older sister.